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About Us

Grand Bloom Store is a small family workshop in Ukraine, where Lora is the main accessory technologist, and her daughter Ann is the designer, inspirer and artisan embroidered headbands . We started making hair accessories in 2014, having fallen in love with this business for life.

We say that women are beautiful, and we want to emphasize their beauty and their own style. Their femininity is based on the realization of their own dignity and love for themselves, for the world, for their family. Wearing our hairbands, everyone can feel like a queen, reveal her feminine nature, with her mischief and coquetry, desire for harmony and beauty.

Our headbands are not just a fashion trend, this is high quality combined with a good price. We undoubtedly love our job and choose only high-quality fabrics and the best accessories.In our work, we sew all headbands by hand, without using glue. The inner tape is also sewn by hand so that the headband will delight our customers for a long time. All our headbands are made with love and special attention to every detail, so that our customers can enjoy the comfort and unique design.

Being a woman is a real pleasure. And the Grand Bloom Store gives you the opportunity to energize your wardrobe by adding hair accessories to cheerful and fashionable designs. Our headbands are another way to emphasize your individuality, to declare yourself, giving your hairstyle a special, incomparable charm.
Also my daughter has a shop on Etsy

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Our Team

Lora Kravchina

Owner, Creator, Designer

Netiagova Ann

Curator, Marketer, Customer Service



Evgeniy Netiahov


Vladimir J


Olga Belka

Assistant, Customer Service, Shipper

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