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Alice band Winter headbands...

Turquoise padded headband covered entirely by hand. The headband is very comfortable to wear, like every day or on special occasion. Width of the headband at the widest point in the center 3cm/2.5 cm./2 cm.

We are absolutely in love this turquoise, so beautiful and rich luster. You’ll fall in love with it and feel so uplifted while wearing it! This is such an amazing color,reminding us of sea voyages, a breath of wind and a breath of freshness on a hot day)

You can pair this turquoise velvet headband with gray or silver clothing, terracotta or light brown shades. And the combination of colors of clothes: turquoise with black and white will be in the art deco style. Very bright and juicy, this headband will complement your look with pink, red, yellow, green, blue and purple clothes.

I sew all my headbands by hand without using glue. The gimp inside the headband is also sewn by hand so that the accessory can be worn for many years. This headband look will always be timeless, simple and elegant classic.

Approximate terms of shipping:
~ USA: 3-4 weeks(USPS closed tracking to small packages from Ukraine, so you can track it moving only in Ukraine, after it will be exported USPS doesn't take any information)
~Canada: 2-3 weeks
~Australia: 2-4 weeks(sometimes longer,depending on work of Australian custom)
~Europe: 1.5-2.5 weeks
~Rest of word: 2-3 weeks

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