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Large velvet headband Thic...

We love the shape of this thick headband -it has plenty of height,this is a great way to add emphasis to your look! This is the large headband we sew, it will perfectly add royal charm to your look.
I sew all my headbands by hand without using glue using hight quality velvet. All the headband bases stretched before to make the headband, so that the headband is as comfortable to wear as possible. The gimp inside the puffy headband is also sewn by hand so that the accessory can be worn for many years. This headband look will always be timeless, simple and elegant classic.

Thick navy blue velvet padded headband- width 6cm(2.3 in),hight 4 cm (1.5 in)

Approximate terms of shipping:

~ USA: 3-4 weeks
~ Canada: 3-5 weeks
~ Australia: 4-5 weeks
~ Europe: 3-4 weeks
~ Rest of word: 3-5 weeks

If you need express delivery, please email me.

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